Welcome to LinwoodGregory Small Business + Association Services

LinwoodGregory Small Business & Association Services is a boutique business operations firm offering business office solutions to small businesses and non-profit associations. LinwoodGregory specializes in bookkeeping, payroll, invoicing, sales tax and specialized financial reporting & insights. In addition to helping organizations build, maintain and operate the right ecosystem of applications to make their business operations run more smoothly, LinwoodGregory provides full-service project management and integrated communications solutions to help organizations connect the right communications and productivity applications to organize and propel businesses and their teams forward.

You're taking the first step to finding efficient, effective and friendly solutions to manage your office behind-the-scenes, giving you and your team time back to focus on what's important.

LinwoodGregory's product offerings help small businesses and associations in three categories:

  • Business Office Solutions

  • Project Management & Productivity Solutions

  • Integrated Communications Solutions